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Creative Mark Pro-Swipe Oil and Acrylic Brushes and Sets

For years painters have relied on the back tip of their paintbrushes as nearly as vital a tool as the front: useful for scraping and scoring marks into their paintings without switching between art tools. However, rounded and inflexible paintbrush handles do not always give the expressive line the painter is looking for, which is why Creative Mark developed new Pro Swipe brushes. Traditional brush tips from the popular lines of Pro Stroke paintbrushes are combined with a flexible, pointed silicon end tip for easily scraping, lifting and scoring paint with the utmost control!

Deep pearlescent green, balanced wooden handles end in seamless nickel-plated brass ferrules on either end, glued and crimped for durability. Available in two styles: professional white chungking bristle which is perfect for oils, or strong Powercryl synthetic hair excellent for acrylics, you are sure to find the brush and scraper that is right for you! Three popular sizes complement most painting styles and strokes, or you can choose the complete set of all three sizes with a FREE "Helpful Tips" DVD for information on using your new Pro Swipe brushes! Never worry about messy, uncontrolled scores and scrapes in your artwork again: use Pro Swipe brushes for smooth strokes and controlled lifting — your new all-in-one brush tool! WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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