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Isabey Special Bristle Oil and Acrylic Brushes

These exquisite brushes are made in France at the famous Isabey Brush Factory, crafted by only the most skilled brush makers. The Chinese Chungking bristle hair is specially prepared with a boiling process which makes the hair softer and more flexible, so strokes are true and smooth. The hair is tied and the natural inward curve from the left and right forms a one-piece shape with a true "interlocked" construction. This construction provides the controlled stroke and resiliency that are sought after by the painter. The hair is then set in a nickel-plated, seamless ferrule and attached to double-varnished, yellow handles, designed with extra length for better control. Made only of the finest materials, these full-shaped, resilient brushes are a great buy for an elite artist brush. WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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