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Winsor & Newton Eclipse Black Sable Brushes

Russian Black Sable (Fitch) hair is not new— in fact, it is widely used today by oil colorists around the world. Winsor & Newton took their time coming up with Eclipse to make sure that only the best Black Sable Brushes would carry their name. Eclipse is made with legendary perfectly dressed, silky smooth black sable hair. This hair will show very little brush strokes, has a firm feel to move paint easily and is resilient and responsive.

Taken together, these attributes make for very reliable painting tools. They feature extremely unique, pewter colored contoured wood handles that allow a balanced grip at the tail for easel painting, as well as below the ferrule for greater control for close-up work. The range includes double thick brushes that hold lots of color, and glazing brushes that allow for the softest blends while maintaining great control through the brush stroke. Make sure you have some on hand the next time you paint! WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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