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Beste Fountain Brush Set of 4 with DVD

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Beste Fountain Brushes from Creative Mark are an exciting and innovative new tool sure to inspire artists everywhere! Similar to wedge brushes, but with longer and finer tips, Beste Fountain Brushes resemble that classic writing and drawing instrument: the fountain pen. The deep, full, triangular-shaped belly holds a huge amount of water and color, and behaves in a similar way to a fountain pen's reservoir, soaking up paint and letting you lay down large areas of color without having to constantly reload your brush. This means you can achieve the perfect economy of stroke: creating expressive brushstrokes in one pass that contour from broad belly marks to the finest of razor-sharp lines.

Beste Fountain Brushes feature the same multi-diameter golden Taklon hair as the original Beste brush line, as well as the secure, seamless, black anodized brass ferrules designed to last without discoloring over time and use. The short wooden handles are balanced and comfortable to hold, with a glossy black finish and wide, natural wood lacquered band. These innovative brushes are available in a convenient set of four, including sizes 6, 8, 10, and the large size 16 — measuring 3/8" wide, it can achieve beautiful bold strokes. The set also includes an educational and insightful DVD by master painter Dan Nelson, explaining the benefits of the Beste Fountain Brushes and showing how they can be used for artwork ranging from Chinese painting to traditional still life. Expand your painting experience today with this all-inclusive and exciting set of Beste Fountain Brushes from Creative Mark!

  • Innovative new brush shape resembles a fountain pen
  • Full, triangular belly tapers to the finest long point
  • Black anodized brass ferrules and short wooden handles
  • Holds a huge amount of color so you don't have to reload your brush as often
  • Designed to produce beautiful strokes!
  • Make bold marks or razor-sharp lines
  • Ideal for Chinese-style painting, one stroke painting, traditional styles and more!
  • Set includes four brushes size 6, 8, 10, and 16
  • Comes with an instructional DVD by painter and art educator Dan Nelson!
  • Achieve a wide variety of strokes with just one brush! WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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