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Ebony Splendor Watercolor Brushes and Sets

  • Meticulously crafted with Teijin fiber hair
  • Closely parallels red sable hair in look and feel
  • Fine yet firm hair provides true strokes and perfect shape
  • Hair is hand cupped into anodized, seamless ferrules
  • Red wooden handles feature a laquered finish and a distinctive black dipped end
These quality brushes are impeccably crafted with Teijin fiber hair. This fiber closely parallels red sable in look and feel, making it the perfect solution for artists at all skill levels. Ideal for the traveling professional, these brushes can take lots of abuse, yet they are easily replaced at a modest price if they ever get lost. For students and serious amateurs on a budget, these brushes provide a luxury feel that is comparable to the finest brushes in the world, but at a much lower price point. The Teijin fiber hair is fine yet firm, providing true strokes and perfect shape. The hair is hand cupped into anodized, seamless ferrules, plated in black. Then it's attached to red wooden handles with a lacquered finish and a distinctive black-dipped end. WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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