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Polar-Flo Watercolor Brushes and Sets

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The Highest Quality White Synthetic Filament Hair Ensures Beautiful Results Every Time!

This beautiful line of white synthetic filament hair brushes are made to meet professional requirements while still maintaining a moderate price level. You'll find rounds that point to perfection, wash brushes that hold oceans of color, and tapered flat end brushes that will dazzle you with straight, smooth linear excellence.

Plus, you'll find that all respond to your oexact touch with pure sensitivity. All brushes feature nickel plated, seamless brass ferrules. 700B Aquarelles have crystal clear, plastic scraper handles. Extra full body holds oceans of color, and razor sharp tapered edge provides extraordinary control.

  • Superb resilience and excellent shaping ensure beautiful, crisp results from your POLAR-FLO ® Brushes every time!
  • Rounds, fans, flats, and wash-mate brushes feature balanced, crimson red handles with grey tips and seamless, nickel plated ferrules!
  • Aquarelles feature crystal clear, scraper handles, perfect for manipulating your watercolors to the fullest!
  • Wash-Mate Brushes are made with white multi-filiament hair that holds color well and comes to a clean, tapered edge!

To get the most for your money, check out our incredible POLAR-FLO ® Brush Sets at incredible savings up to 60% off retail prices! WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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