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SilverBrush Ltd. SilverWhite Watercolor Stroke Brushes

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SilverBrush SilverWhite Watercolor Brush - Stroke 1/2"
In Stock
SilverBrush SilverWhite Watercolor Brush - Stroke 3/4"
Limited Qty
SilverBrush SilverWhite Watercolor Brush - Stroke 1"
In Stock
Silky soft synthetic brushes to take your art to new heights!
Superb for watercolor, gouache, acrylics, inks and more!

How can you save the life of animals and actually help yourself at the same time? Until now it was hard at best, but Dee Silver, the legendary brush architect, has created what we feel is a whole new breed of synthetic. Silverwhite is the cause for vast celebration in the animal kingdom. These short handled brushes start out with blended lengths and thicknesses of filament hair that create a near ideal brush for all media. The varied lengths and thicknesses hold color amazingly well!

Since the brush is synthetic it can be made thick enough to push even heavy bodied media while still allowing for the sharpest edges in flats and fine needle points in rounds. Dee gets involved in all aspects of the brush to insure that they are fantastic. A Silver Brush has to be the finest tool to gain her approval. That's why each brush is hand inspected, is full bodied, perfectly hand tied with interlocked hair, glued and crimped onto a majestic silver handle with a white tip. Knowing full well that you may have been dissappointed with other brands Dee provides you with a no risk trial. WBX.MARS v6.1.5205.30387
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