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Artfix Universal-Primed Linen Canvas Rolls

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Artfix Universal Primed Linen L22U - 39.5" x 42.5" Cut Piece
In Stock
Artfix Universal Primed Linen L43U - 39.5" x 42.5" Cut Piece
Limited Qty
Artfix Universal Primed Linen L64U - 39.5" x 42.5" Cut Piece
Limited Qty
Artfix Universal Primed Linen L84U - 39.5" x 42.5" Cut Piece
In Stock
Artfix Universal Primed Linen L22U - 85" x 5.5 Yard Roll
In Stock
Artfix Universal Primed Linen L43U - 85" x 5.5 Yard Roll
In Stock
Artfix Universal Primed Linen L64U - 85" x 5.5 Yard Roll
In Stock
Artfix Universal Primed Linen L84U - 85" x 5.5 Yard Roll
In Stock
All Artfix linen canvases feature the longest natural thread (fewer knots) for strong, flawless surfaces. All are double sized for protection against oil paints allowing uniform "breathing" which reduces paint film stress. Primers up to 4 layers (84C and 84U) are hand applied and sanded, care that prevents peeling, flaking or cracking. Imagine the time required to apply 6 layers of sizing and primer. An amazing process that produces unbelievable primed canvas.
  • Lead Style Oil Primed Canvas - C Styles - The traditional qualities of a lead priming without its toxicity. It unique absorbency allows oil paints to "bite" into the surface, increasing adhesion and depth of color. When glazed, colors glow from within. Oil primed styles are highly recommended for oil color painting and Alkyd painting.
  • Universal Primer - U Styles - Emulates the many characteristics of oil-based primers, with acrylic's durability and elasticity. Unlike "glossy" acrylic primers, its surface is more matte and a bit more absorbent. It is excellent for oil paints, acrylic paint, egg tempera, casein, and even drawing media.

L21C and L22U - These linens are very strong and offer a tight weave. This style is adaptable to virtually any style of painting and is the most common used on pre-stretched cotton canvas products. When first upgrading from commercial canvases this texture will be familiar to you and may be the best choice.

L42C and L43U - These linens have a heavier thread and tight weave. They are extremely strong and durable and perfect for murals and large scale artwork where a pleasant, gentle texture is desired.

L64C and L64U - These portrait linens have a very tight weave and very fine even grain. Most other manufacturers stop at this fineness but Artfix goes over the top with the 84 series.

L84C and L84U - Internationally recognized as the finest linen surface for precise detailing and portraiture work. Extremely smooth and uniform surface is unequalled by any other product.

L92C - Thick double threaded strand linen with a tight and strong weave and rough tooth. For large formats its more pronounced texture makes for beautiful landscapes and abstract pieces. The grain is the largest offered by Artfix but still refined to be pleasant to paint on. Its major advantage is ability to take extremely heavy paint layers. WBX.MARS v6.1.5205.30387
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