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Raphael Oil Primed Linen Canvas Rolls

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Raphael Oil Primed Linen Canvas - 41" x 18" Sample
In Stock
Raphael Oil Primed Linen Canvas - 82.5" x 5.5 Yard Roll
In Stock

Raphael Oil Primed Linen Canvas Rolls

5 times primed, super strong canvas!

An incredible canvas made from only the finest prepared linens with a robust weight and 5 coats of priming creating a rich, smooth surface of unequaled beauty. Made in Italy, the preparation of the canvas is all done by hand, much the same way you would but with special materials and processes to create a most pleasing canvas to work with.

  • Smooth, oil primed surface for clean brush strokes or heavy paint application
  • Features 5 coats of professional primer
  • The first layer of primer features a rabbit skin glue sealer, that is applied to the linen that is first washed, dried, picked and pumiced
  • The second and third layers of primer are comprised of acrylic gesso, for added elasticity
  • The fourth and fifth layers are oil primer, creating a most receptive surface for oil colors
  • 535 gram canvas weight for essential strength
  • Excellent elasticity for achieving an extremely tight stretched canvas
  • Created and prepared entirely by hand!
  • Brush strokes have a more fluid and delicate line thanks to the little absorbency of the canvas weave and 5 layers of primer
  • Ideal for professional portrait artists
  • Perfect for oil color artists, oil enthusiasts, students, teachers, studios and classrooms!
  • Available in a 41x18" sample and an 82.5"x5.5 yard roll
  • Imported from Italy
  • Incredible low prices! - Perfect for bulk purchasing! WBX.MARS v6.1.5205.30387
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