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Vanish Four-in-One Eraser

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Vanish 4-in-1 Eraser Individual
In Stock
Vanish 4-in-1 Eraser Box of 30
In Stock

This revolutionary new eraser from Acurit replaces the entire series of traditional erasers! The Vanish 4 in 1 Eraser has a unique, flexible composition that can erase anything from graphite to charcoal, colored pencil to pastels! You no longer need a box full of erasers for one drawing: the Vanish replaces gum erasers, hard rubber erasers, vinyl erasers, even soft kneaded erasers. Strong enough to erase sharp graphite lines from hard papers, but gentle enough to remove charcoal strokes from soft papers, the Vanish Eraser not only cleans the paper, it cleans up after itself! Instead of creating piles of crumbs for every line erased, the Vanish rolls with the stroke, leaving only a nice clean strip at the end. Measuring 2 1/2" x 3/4" x 3/4", it's easy to get a good grip on the Vanish Eraser, or you can slice it into neat wafers to get into tight spots with a clean corner. Use it to clean up sketches without smearing, to erase lines under ink work, as a blender for charcoal and pastels, to tidy up colored pencil work — everything you want and need from an eraser is available in the new Vanish Eraser: your one and only!

  • Replaces gum, hard rubber, vinyl, and kneaded erasers
  • Erases graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, pastels and more
  • Soft and gentle eraser is latex-free!
  • Leaves no crumbs, only a clean roll at the end
  • Won't smear graphite or damage expensive papers
  • Unique shape is easy to hold or can be sliced for pinpoint erasing
  • One revolutionary eraser for all your drawing media!
  • Also available in convenient bulk packs of 30! WBX.MARS v6.1.5223.26181
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