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KUM Left Handed Artists' Pencil Sharpeners

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KUM Left Handed Metal Pencil Sharpener Lefty Canister
In Stock
KUM Left Handed Pencil Sharpener Lefty 2-in-1 Ice
In Stock

Lefties of the art world, rejoice! KUM have created a line of superior pencil sharpeners designed solely for left-handed artists, so it's easy to get the sharpest pencils with less waste, all while using the dominant left hand. KUM Lefty Pencil Sharpeners use the same tempered high-carbon steel blades and Dynamic Torsion Action technology of other KUM sharpeners, but they are mounted in reverse, so that left-handed artists can hold the sharpener in their right hand and sharpen pencils with their left. Lefty pencil sharpeners feature a double-hole magnesium body mounted in either a canister or mini-box that serve as waste reservoirs so pencil shavings don't get everywhere. Perfect for sharpening graphite and colored pencils in either standard or wide diameters, these innovative pencil sharpeners are the ideal answer for left-handed artists! WBX.MARS v6.1.5205.30387
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