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Creative Mark Raffine Graphite Pencils and Drawing Sets

Your challenge is to take your ideas and express it visually. Raffine is a pencil line that allows for reliable and consistant results. So the tool, in this case your pencil, after using them for just a while, can extend from your imagination to your fingers and onto the drawing or painting surface the same line and result as it had first been imagined. We consider these to be elite pencils made for the most discriminating artist. Of course, we feel all artists should use high quality products and therefore we have kept the cost as low as possible. The woods used to make these pencils do not come from Rain Forest wood and is of a hardness that allows for crisp sharpening for superb pointing and less waste. They conform to ASTM-D-4236 Non-toxic requirements.

Made of the finest graphite, you'll find these drawing pencils to be superb for writing, drafting, sketching and drawing. The leads in these pencils are fully bonded to the wood to prevent breakage. Available in 13 degrees from 6H to 8B. WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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