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Eagle Rock Studio Easel

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This easel will let your creative spirit soar while providing a rock solid support.

* Normal height 80" high (6' 8")
* Maximum height 100" high (8' 4")
* Holds canvases up to 64" high and any reasonable width
* Mast easily adjusts forwards and backwards
* Three canvas holders allow for quick canvas set up
* Crank system allows for height adjustment without having to get up while seated

This hardwood easel is beautifully finished in a rich walnut color and has not two—but three—canvas holders.

The patented canvas holders provide unique utilities to allow you to paint with substrates ranging from 2.5mm thick panels to 3" wide canvases, or cradled painting supports such as Ampersand's Cradled Panels. They have a convex V design with stepped slots and a middle slot for panels up to 1/8" thick. Removable wooden pegs (included) can offset your canvas for edge to edge painting if desired. The top and middle canvas supports are designed for most painting applications and allow for fast adjustments. They feature positive action turn knobs that lock canvas into place.

While painting you should start the height of the canvas where it is most comfortable for you. No matter if you work sitting or standing, you'll never need to remove the canvas to adjust the mast height. A removable crank lever at the bottom will smoothly adjust your canvas up or down. Since it can be positioned from just inches to 5 feet off the floor at its starting point, you can create the perfect painting scenario! (For exceptionally large canvases you can remove the middle canvas rest.)

As you work you may wish to change the angle at which you are painting. This easel allows a full compliment of backward and forward angles. The system uses Delron washers that provide smooth adjustments and rock solid positioning.

Made out of heavy duty lumber, this easel weighs a robust 45lbs, but is still compact as compared to other easels in its class. Its modest 27" × 25" footprint makes it easy to maneuver and to fit into tight spaces. This easel will take canvases from 1" to 64" high and any reasonable width and sets up in just minutes. Includes 4 casters (two with locking mechanism) and 4 stabilizing screws for both mobility in the studio and rigidity while painting.

We are proud to offer you this easel at a price that is affordable for such a fine piece of furniture. WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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