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Turner Art Instructional DVDs

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"The Basics of Watercolor" Turner Watercolor DVD with Stephen Filarsky
In Stock
"Turner Acryl Gouache: Tole and Decorative Painting" DVD with M. Theresa Brown
In Stock
"Turner Artists' Watercolor: The Basic of Watercolor" DVD with Stephen Filarsky - 63 minutes

Join award winning, master watercolorist Stephen Filarsky, as he demonstrates his watercolor techniques using the beautiful, vibrant hues of Turner Artists' Watercolors. First, Stephen shares how to choose the right brushes and paper, than he teaches an assortment of watercolor painting techniques. Lastly, practice what you've learned with an informative paint-a-long session, as Stephen shows you how to paint a beautiful water lily floating on the reflective surface of water! Using Turner Watercolors, Stephen will show you how to capture the translucent beauty that can only be achieved with watercolors!

"Turner Acryl Gouache: Tole and Decorative Painting" DVD with M. Theresa Brown - 54 minutes

Tole and decorative art are expressive and timeless art forms that encompass and cross all geographical and cultural boundaries! Join artist M. Theresa Brown and explore the many facets of decorative painting using the rich, opaque colors of Turner Acryl Gouache. Open new doors for your creativity as Theresa shares her tips and techniques for painting with gouache on surfaces such as stone, glass, wood and more with this amazing medium! WBX.MARS v6.1.5205.30387
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