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"Art for Sale - Getting a Paycheck for Your Art" Audio Book CD
In Stock
"The Single Mom's Guide to Making Money as an Artist" Audio Book CD
In Stock
"Art for Sale" Audio Book CD - Haven't you wondered why—with the art marketing methods promoted by the Art Community and colleges over so many years—there are still so few artists making a living at their craft? What is wrong with this picture? Want to learn how award-winning artists, M. Theresa Brown and Stephen Filarsky challenged the system to change this trend? Want to know how they created their art as their sole means of income for 20 years and continue to do so even in today's economy? The Art Career Experts have combined their tips, methods and techniques to create an essential and must-have tool for the working artist who wants to bring home a paycheck with their art!

"The Single Mom's Guide to Making Money as an Artist" Audio Book CD - How do you, a single mom with children, use your artistic skills to bring home additional money for your family? What can you create to stretch that ridiculous child support check? How can you pay for luxuries when you can barely afford the necessities? Single mom artist and author, M. Theresa Brown, raised four children entirely on her art and craft abilities and discovered that self made money is power. It is the power to help yourself, your children and to make the right choices. In this remarkable and unique audio and ebook package, she shares real information and methods to help other single mom artists take control of their lives with their artistic skills! WBX.MARS v6.1.5223.26181
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