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Baldwin Series Ready Made Wood Frames - Madison

This new line of solid wood frames is ideal for the framer looking for the traditional elegance of a wood frame, but without the heavy ornate decoration that can detract from modern art. Each frame is excellent for framing any style of artwork, from photographs to paintings on canvas, and the simple yet stylish designs will enhance any décor.

  • Madison Frames - Sports a slight scoop design with a double ridge on the outer edge and an antique brushed finish on the 1 3/4" panel. The 3/8" double outer edge has a slightly antiqued finish that continues along the sides. The added touch that creates depth for the frame is the 1/8", slightly antiqued lip on the rabbet. The rabbet depth is 1/4". Available in Antique Bronze or Silver finishes. WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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