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Wilson Bickford Wood Frames Series - Style 107

Style 107 (Silver, Gold, or Bronze) – The 1/2" ribbon design of the inner lip combined with the slight scoop of the main body of the frame alludes to a stacked frame. A heavily brushed antiquing softens the overall appearance of the smooth gesso coating with a composition leaf finish. The 107S Silver is subtle, the 107G Gold is a bright gold with red undertones, and the 107GT Bronze is a heavily sponged deep brown over bronze undertones. The simple lines are suitable for a variety of painting and drawing styles from contemporary to traditional. 5/16" deep rabbet.

Proportionate frame sizing as follows:
  • Frames up to 12x16" have 2.5" wide moulding, 
  • Frames up to 20x24" have 3" wide moulding, 
  • Frames size 24x30" has a 4" wide moulding. WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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