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Naturalight Magnifying Lamps

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Naturalight 5" Clip-on Magnifying Lamp
Limited Qty
Naturalight 7" Clip-on Magnifying Lamp
Limited Qty
Naturalight Table Top Magnifying Lamp
Limited Qty

5" Clip-on Table Magnifying Lamp - This magnifying lamp has a slim head design to improve the viewing area. Less material between you and your work means more clarity and efficiency. Fitted with a 22W Full Spectrum naturalight™ tube, this lamp will allow you to see all the details and work in comfort.

7" Clip-On Table Magnifying Lamp - This exclusive magnifying lamp combines the large 7" lens and the powerful 28W Full Spectrum naturalight™ tube to give you the best inspection lamp. With this lamp, you will be able to see details like never before! This unique lamp is supported by a high quality metal arm and will allow you to move the lamp in any position.

  • Combines powerful light with a large lens
  • 28W naturalight™ tube (energy saving)
  • High quality 17.5cm (7") lens for detailed work (1.75X)
  • Supplied with tube and table clamp

Table Top Magnifying Lamp - This small magnifying lamp will become your best partner to work with details. The combination of the 12W Full Spectrum naturalight™ tube and the 3.5" lens will allow you to see details like never before. No more squinting, no more headaches, this Naturalight product will help you get the best result every time!

  • Small and powerful table lamp
  • 3.5" diameter lens (1.75X) with inset lens (4X)
  • 12W naturalight™ tube (energy saving)
  • Supplied with tube and lens cover WBX.MARS v6.1.5223.26181
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