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LUKAS CRYL Acrylics and Sets

LUKAS has been a leader in the art industry for over 125 years, and in the early 1960's they brought those years of experience to the table in producing Europe's first artists' acrylic paint: LUKAS CRYL. Made from the finest in traditional and modern pigments, LUKAS CRYL Acrylics are vibrant, lightfast, and permanent. Their artist grade line comprises Liquid Acrylics, for fluid and decorative applications, and Pastos Acrylics, heavy body paints for impasto and knife painting. The student grade line includes Studio Acrylics for beginner or large scale artists, and Terzia Acrylics for those looking for bulk paint at a reasonable cost. Whatever your artistic desire, Europe's first acrylic paint is sure to please! WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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