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Wyland Whale Tail Acrylic Painting Kit

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Wyland Ecological Acrylics Sets

Non-Toxic, Professional Grade Acrylics!

In this set you receive everything needed to create your own Wyland masterpiece at home: A 1 hour DVD of instructional material, 3 Ecological Acrylic Colors, 6 Wyland Whale's Tail Brushes and Wyland Retarder Gel and Glazing Medium.

Dubbed by the USAToday as a modern Marine Michelangelo, Wyland teaches viewers how to paint the wonderous world of the sea and coastal areas. We are proud to offer this eco-friendly range of art material products used by Wyland on his programs and DVD's. Wyland has selected a beautiful range of 14 artist acrylic colors to create his incredible Undersea Adventure paintings. Wyland colors are totally safe for you during use and totally safe for the environment.

  • High quality, fine art acrylic paints
  • Feature a smooth, but thick and buttery consistency
  • These acrylics are used by Wyland in the large-than-life murals he paints all over the world
  • These professional colors have excellent archival permanence and exceptional lightfastness
  • Colors dry with an array of different finishes, from matte to glossy
  • Each tube of paint features the finest acrylic emulsion and ingredients
  • Wyland Ecological Acrylics are certified AP Non-Toxic, as part of the ACMI program
  • The full line includes 14 concentrated, pure pigmented colors WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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