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C.A.S. AlkydPro Fast-Drying Colors and Mediums

For years C.A.S. has been researching and making alkyd paints.  This research led to the development of C.A.S. AlkydPro. Finally, artists have another choice for alkyd-oil paint!  C.A.S. AlkydPro Paint is the first line of true alkyds made in the United States, and the first line of genuine artists' grade alkyds.  Unlike some fast-drying oils available today, AlkydPro paints are made entirely from an alkyd resin base. C.A.S. did not start with a traditional linseed oil paint and simply add alkyd resin — AlkydPro paints contain no linseed oil. This new improved formula for the entire line is made with a non-yellowing sunflower alkyd oil for the highest performance. This is a unique paint. C.A.S. AlkydPro is now offered  in 72 luminous colors and four mediums, providing artists with a full range of color and creative potential! WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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