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Charvin Gums and Resins

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Charvin Oil Color - 100 ml Bottle - Adragante Gum (Gum Tragacanth)
Out of Stock
Charvin Oil Color - 100 ml Bottle - Carnauba Wax
Out of Stock
Charvin Oil Color - 100 ml Bottle - Copal Gum
Out of Stock
Charvin Oil Color - 100 ml Bottle - Dammar Gum
Out of Stock
Charvin Oil Color - 100 ml Bottle - Gen Shellac in Spangles (Flakes)
Out of Stock
Charvin Oil Color - 100 ml Bottle - Gum Arabic Granules
Out of Stock
Charvin Oil Color - 100 ml Bottle - Mastic Resin
Out of Stock
Charvin Oil Color - 100 ml Bottle - Rabbit Skin Glue
Out of Stock
Charvin Oil Color - 100 ml Bottle - Sandaraque
In Stock
Charvin Oil Color - 100 ml Bottle - Sandragon
Limited Qty
Charvin Oil Color - 250 ml Bottle - Dammar Gum
Out of Stock
Charvin Oil Color - 250 ml Bottle - Gum Arabic Granules
Out of Stock
Charvin Oil Color - 250 ml Bottle - Rabbit Skin Glue
Out of Stock
Charvin Oil Color - 250 ml Bottle - Sandaraque
Limited Qty
Charvin Oil Color - 250 ml Bottle - Sandragon
Limited Qty

Charvin Oil Color Gums and Resins

Traditional gums and resins for creating mediums, varnishes and more!

Even with the relatively recent advent of pre-made paints, mediums and varnishes, there are still artists who prefer to follow the tradition of mixing and preparing their own materials from scratch, using recipes that are centuries-old. For these painters, sometimes the method is as important as the result, and understanding one's materials from the ground up can be a tremendous aid in producing paintings of depth and beauty. If you, too, would like to return to the methods of the old masters, then these traditional gums and resins from Charvin are the perfect place to start! Made from natural materials just as in ages past, these gums and resins are truly the basis for art as we know it!

  • Adragante Gum (Gum Tragacanth) - The traditional binder for the making of artists' pastels, Gum Tragacanth is made from the natural resin of a legume called "goat's thorn". In addition to binding pastels, it can be used to thicken dyes and paints for printing, stamping and more.
  • Carnauba Wax - Made from the wax on the leaves of Brazilian palm trees, Carnauba Wax has a high melting point and is excellent for use in encaustics to produce a stable, hard film. It is also good for use in polishes and as a matting agent for varnishes, though it is quite brittle and should be used sparingly to prevent flaking.
  • Copal Gum - A semi-hardened tree resin, Copal Gum is similar to immature amber, and can be dissolved in turpentine or alcohol for producing mediums and varnishes. As it must be heated to be dissolved, it makes an excellent "isolating varnish" for protecting paint layers as it cannot be re-dissolved without heat. Copal is brittle and has a tendency to darken, and should be used with a flexible drying oil like linseed.
  • Dammar Gum - A soft resin from fir trees, Dammar Gum is easily dissolved in turpentine at room temperature, and is the most popular additive for varnishes and mediums, giving a glass-like sheen. Dammar can be added to mediums to decrease drying time and add gloss, and has been the premier varnish ingredient for hundreds of years. It is also used in conjunction with beeswax to make encaustic paints.
  • Genuine Shellac in Spangles (Flakes) - Shellac is a natural polymer made from tree sap secreted by the lac bug, and has been popular for centuries as a high gloss, rigid varnish when dissolved in alcohol. Shellac is also used as a binder in India ink, and can be used as a barrier or primer coat on wood. It remains soluble in alcohol once dry, allowing removal for condervation purposes.
  • Gum Arabic Granules - Made from hardened acacia tree sap, Gum Arabic is soluble in water and is the main binding ingredient in watercolor and gouache paints. Use it to increase body and gloss in watercolors, but use it as sparingly as it has a tendency to flake. Also popular in thickening ink, Gum Arabic can be used to protect aluminum printing plate from oxidation, or to prevent ink spreading into the whitespace of an etch.
  • Gum Gutte - Gum Gutte, also known as Gutta Percha, is a natural latex made from the sap of tropical evergreen trees. When mixed with turpentine, Gum Gutte mades an excellent solvent-based resist for silk painting and batik.
  • Mastic Resin - Mastic Resin is made from the gum of the Mediterranean mastic tree, and dissolves in alcohol or turpentine to form a varnish, which can then be mixed with linseed oil to form megilp. Mastic varnish may bloom in humid climates, but is still popular for its clarity and gloss finish.
  • Rabbit Skin Glue Granules - Rabbit Skin Glue is made from the collagen of rabbit hides, and has been used as an adhesive, sizing, and gesso ingredient for hundreds of years. Made by soaking the glue granules in water and then heating until gelatinous (but not boiling), Rabbit Skin Glue can be used to size your canvas or panel before priming, as an ingredient in traditional lead white gessoes, and as a ground for gilding.
  • Sandaraque - Sandaraque (or Sandarac) is a resin for the North African Alerce tree, and is quite hard and brittle. A glossy protective varnish can be made by melting Sandaraque and mixing with linseed oil, which will not yellow as much as Copal and other cooked varnishes, but should only be used on rigid substrates as it may crack.
  • Sandragon - Also known as Dragon's Blood, Sandragon is a deep red resin that can be used both as a pigment (though not as lightfast as synthetic, modern pigments) or dissolved in alcohol or mineral spirits for a ruby-red varnish. Sandragon is also used in photoengraving to prevent undercutting, and can be mixed with alcohol and Gum Arabic to create inks.

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