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Grumbacher Max Water-Mixable Oil Mediums

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Max Linseed Oil 74ml Jar
In Stock
Max Quick Dry Medium 74ml Jar
Out of Stock

Grumbacher MAX Water-Mixable Oil Color Mediums

Artist grade oil color mediums!

Due to their modern formulation, Grumbacher MAX oil colors can be thinned with water, while still maintaining the character of traditional oil paints. You can also mix traditional oils into MAX oil colors in small amounts, and still the mixture will retain its "water friendliness". Max Oils are excellent for people with sensitive skin, those prone to rashes and for classroom use. Made in the USA.

  • Linseed Oil - The same finest quality alkali refined linseed oil offered in our conventional linseed oil, but scientifically modified to be completely water-miscible. Improves flow and water-miscibility of MAX® Water Miscible Oil Paints and mixtures of MAX® colors and conventional oils. Compatible with all known conventional oil painting materials, but will not make them water miscible. MAX® Linseed oil is not recommended for use with non-Grumbacher® brands of water miscible oil paints. Improves flow, increases gloss
  • Quickdry - An alkyd based semi-gel painting medium for MAX® Oil Colors and mixtures of MAX® with conventional oils. MAX® Quick Dry™ becomes more fluid the more it is stirred or shaken. It is miscible with water and enhances water miscibility and paint flow in MAX® colors and mixtures of MAX® with conventional oils. Produces brilliant, lustrous transparent colors and glazes. Holds precise lines and strokes during wet-in-wet techniques without feathering or bleeding. Non-yellowing. Completely compatible with conventional oil painting materials; however, it will not convert conventional oil colors into water miscible oil paints. WBX.MARS v6.1.5205.30387
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