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LUKAS 1862 Artist's Oil Colors and Sets

Both LUKAS 1862 world class oil colors and LUKAS Studio professional oil colors are made in full pigment strength and in almost exactly the same manner. This allows artists to select a palette of colors between the two lines based on the economy they need. With modern abilities to concentrate pigments, LUKAS has created colors with the intensity valued by master artists but without the need to work the paint before painting. LUKAS colors are incredibly smooth with a consistent ground particle size. This is accomplished by grinding pigments with vehicle up to 7 times through a triple roller mill. LUKAS has mastered the art of making oil colors by taking the guesswork out of drying while still maintaining an excellent archival painting film. Their secret recipe employs primary driers that support the surface drying as well as auxiliary driers that support the body of the paint layer's drying. WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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