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Richeson Shiva Series Oil Colors - Basic Set of 6

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Richeson Shiva Series Oil Color Sets

Tradition, quality, stability!

Richeson is committed to producing the "Best of the Best." Richeson Oils, The Shiva Series, has generated positive response from some of the top oil painters in the country, including Ramon Kelley, Daniel Greene and Kate Palmer. Richeson uses only pure, artist-grade dry pigments, ground to each one's own correct degree of fineness and then formulated individually under exacting laboratory controls. They are guaranteed to be permanent, free from darkening, yellowing, fading and cracking, and are bound with the finest grade of alkali-refined linseed oil available.

  • Copal Painting Medium - This synthetic medium improves the flow and speeds the drying time of oils.
  • Damar Varnish - This natural varnish improves the brilliance of colors, imparts a medium-gloss finish and protects paintings. May be removed with solvents for restoration.
  • Linseed Oil - This lead and acid-free oil thins the consistency of oil paints and improves brush strokes. Thinner than stand oil, but since it may yellow with age, use primarily with darker colors.
  • Painting Medium Light - is a pale medium providing brilliance and improving consistency.
  • Rectified Turpentine - This double-distilled and highly refined turpentine reduces the consistency and improves the flow of artist's oil colors.
  • Stand Oil - is a thick, heavy oil that produces paint with good flowing qualities for fine detail and glazing work. Imparts an enamel-like quality.
  • Imitation Venice Turpentine - Venice Turpentine is a luxurious, regal oil painting medium. When added to color, it increases the paint's adhesive quality to the canvas and will impart an enamel-like gloss to colors when dry. New 3.75 oz bottle has a wide spill-proof bottom. All other sizes come in metal cans.

This set includes the following colors in 37ml

Shive Green
Shive Red Medium
Ivory Black
Titanium White
Shiva Yellow Light
Shiva Blue Deep WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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