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Permalba Value Pack - 3 Tubes of Permalba White

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Permalba Professional Oil Color Value Packs

Superior color retention and a creamy consistency!

Recently reformulated to bring artists the same unequaled quality as Permalba white. All colors are densely pigmented with a lightfast rating of 1 (excluding iridescent colors). Lighter shades with safflower oil binder to minimize yellowing. New formulations with carefully selected pigments that yield clear, crisp hues without muddying when mixed with white or other colors. They carry an ACMI seal and each tube is labeled with pigment content, lightfast rating and opacity information.

  • Made with large selection of lightfast modern pigments
  • Crafted by combining the most lightfast and densely concentrated pigments with safflower and refined linseed oils to reduce yellowing
  • Large color range for endless mixing
  • Professional quality formulation
  • All rated colors lightfast 1
  • Densely pigmented
  • Incredible wholesale prices for bulk orders!
  • Available 3 packs of 150ml tubes
  • Perfect for artists, classrooms, studios, students and teachers WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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