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Creative Mark Acryl-A-Miser Palette System

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  • Waste less acrylic paint!
  • Save color blends for up to 2 weeks!
  • Never needs washing - paint just peels off!
  • Extend open working time for up to 5 hours, or much longer by using a wetting spray!

This amazing palette lets you store up to 21 colors in fairly large volume and take them with you on field trips and vacations. You will no longer need to travel with tubes or jars that take up lots of space and may be accidentally punctured or opened during transit. This 12½" × 9½" × 2¼" palette system fits into virtually anything including the Pittman Palette Bag. 

Take any sponge, wet it and place it into the palette to create a humid environment within. Paints will last for trips up to 17 days long! When painting in or out of the studio you simply take your paint and mix onto one of six small mixing trays or the large mixing palette and then seal palette as you are painting. This keeps blends and paint fresh for up to 5 full hours. Then just peel off the paint and mix your next series of colors. 

Alternatively you can use in conjunction with Liquitex Wetting Spray to keep paints fresh with or without the lid on for 5-10 hours! colors in the small mixing trays and keep these mixtures for up to 2 weeks as well. WBX.MARS v6.2.5346.19993
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