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Paul McCormack Watercolor Palette

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Made from sturdy, high-impact plastic, the Paul McCormack Watercolor Palette provides a large — yet separated — mixing area, to keep color blends both abundant and clean. Nine 4x4" square central wells are ideal for large paint mixes: place tube watercolors at each corner, apply water, and let the mix rest in the center of the well, where it won't be muddied by other colors. Eighteen smaller 1x1" slanted wells line the sides of the palette, and are ideal for small color blends for highlights and details. A convenient snap-on lid serves both as protection for the palette while not in use, as well as a large extra mixing area. Also included is a detailed instructional pamphlet on Paul's favorite methods for using his exclusive palette, providing tips and techniques for managing all your color blends. Paint along with portrait master Paul McCormack with his special, unique watercolor palette!

  • Designed by renowned artist Paul McCormack!
  • Made from sturdy high-impact plastic
  • Nine 4x4" square central mixing wells
  • Eighteen 1x1" slanted color wells
  • Snap-on lid protects paints and serves as an extra mixing area
  • Overall size: 13x16"
  • Included pamphlet provides tips and techniques
  • Keeps paint mixes clean and separated!
  • The perfect palette for watercolors! WBX.MARS v6.2.5346.19993
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