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Golden Panda Double Heart Set

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Chinese calligraphy is an art that dates back to the earliest days of recorded history and is still widely practiced in China, Japan and throughout the world. Chinese calligraphy is an abstract art as well as a way to convey language. As an artist you owe it to yourself to explore the free, expressive nature of Chinese calligraphy in your paintings. These Golden Panda sets are a great place to start. As with all the items we sell, satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!

Double Heart Calligraphy Sets - Many artists don't know where to start with Chinese calligraphy, which is exactly why Creative Mark fashioned these sets. Presented in a 8×13" double-heart box adorned with red silk with gold embroidery in a traditional Lotus Dragon pattern. Box closes with two silk loops and faux bone buttons. Includes:
  • 3½ × 5" grinding stone
  • Red paste ink in a porcelain dish
  • Porcelain brush rest for two brushes
  • 1¾ × 5½" painted marble paperweight
  • 3¾" long black ink stick with embossed design
  • Bowl with copper spoon for adding water into ink
  • 2 soap stone chops for you to carve and stamp your signature
  • 4 brushes: one sheep, one squirrel, and two made of red sable hair
You can get the Double Heart Set with a cute and cuddly Golden Panda Bear, or with the bear and your choice of Shanghai Rice Paper or Lei River Silk Paper in Golden or Natural color. WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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