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LUKAS Watercolors and Gouache

In the year 1862, the year LUKAS was established, one of the first artists' watercolors made in Germany was developed according to the recipe of the company's founder Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld. Hence the name of the line: LUKAS Aquarell 1862 Watercolors. Carefully developed over time to include the most recent scientific research and artistic knowledge, this premium watercolor paint continues to satisfy the needs of demanding artists across the globe!

LUKAS Aquarell Studio Watercolors provide the same high quality as Aquarell 1862 paints, but at a fraction of the price! This series of color is formulated with high-quality substitutes replacing the more costly — and sometimes toxic — natural pigments. A fantastic line of artists' gouache rounds out the selection!

No matter your skill level, we know you will love all of these watercolor and gouache series! Compare your favorite concentrated artists' watercolors and then try LUKAS — we're sure you'll be impressed! WBX.MARS v6.1.5205.30387
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