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Rembrandt Extra-Fine Watercolors and Sets

This is a shining achievement in artist color and until now an almost unnoticed resource for you. Rembrandt watercolors truly master the art of transparency so that all layers of your watercolor remain visible. Each color is individually formulated ensuring the maximum reflection of light off each pigment, and is created with the highest concentration of pigment resulting in the most expressive and vivid watercolors on the planet!

Eighty colors make up this marvelous range and include colors such as: Transparent Titanium White which is excellent for applying a very transparent veil-like layer, Super Transparent Azo Yellows and Reds, a full range of Transparent Iron Oxides for clear earthy tones, and a range of granulating colors, such as cobalts, French Ultramarine and Earth Green for grainy effects. WBX.MARS v6.1.5205.30387
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