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Rembrandt Watercolor & Arches Paper Combo Set

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Rembrandt Extra-Fine Watercolors - Sets

Proudly crafted by the masters in Apeldoorn, Holland!

Rembrandt watercolors truly master the art of transparency so that all layers of your watercolor remain visible. Each color is individually formulated ensuring the maximum reflection of light off each pigment and is created with the highest concentration of pigment resulting in the most expressive and vivid watercolors on the planet!

  • Quality watercolor sets, perfect for en plein air and artists on the go!
  • Each tube of watercolor features the highest possible pigmentation
  • Pigments are ground superfine on triple rollers to ensure perfect color clarity and uniform washes
  • Colors are rich and intense
  • Rembrandt watercolors offer the maximum amount of transparency
  • Museum quality lightfastness – 100 plus years
  • Colors are highly permanent!
  • This color line features a balanced array of 80 different colors
  • Applications include glazing, washes, wet-on-wet technique, and granulating
  • Perfect for watercolorists, watercolor enthusiasts, students, teachers, studios, businesses and classrooms!
  • Available in 20ml tubes and sets
  • Incredible low prices! - Perfect for bulk purchasing!

Arches/Rembrandt Giftbox Set Includes:

  • 9×12" Arches Cold Press Watercolor Block
  • Arches Sable Brush
  • seven, 5 ml tubes of Rembrandt watercolors. WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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