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Stephen Quiller Watercolor Sets

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Many years ago, Jack made the decision to develop and manufacture a top line of watercolor. It was in 1994 that he first consulted the late watercolor master, Zoltan Szabo. He consulted the Ralph Meyer book, the Hilary Page book and several books by Wilcox. He had many discussions with several old Grumbacher color chemists and with the famous color maker, Jacques Blockx. Six times he threw away all that he had done and started over. Finally, he started having long conversations with Stephen Quiller. Steve's opinions ran very close to those of Zoltan Szabo's. Although the two greats had different styles, strong threads tying the varying opinions started to surface. Jack then began to study the work of Tom Lynch, Chris Van Winkle, Tom Fong, and Milford Zornes.

After nine years and tons of testing, a true professional watercolor line has emerged. The color is pure and extremely lightfast. The mineral colors have an incredible granulation, which can be a definite advantage for some artists, particularly those where texture is important. Each tube is individually labeled with special information for the ease of the artist: the lightfast rating, whether the color is staining or non-staining, its complimentary color and pigment make-up. Made in the traditional stone ground milling process. The Stephen Quiller Professional Watercolors are available in 36 colors in 15ml open stock tubes and sets. WBX.MARS v6.2.5346.19993
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