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Turner Design Gouache and Sets

Considered the world over as one of the premier opaque watercolors. Imported from Japan, Turner Design Gouache has consistently been in the top tier of all artist colors in the world. The unique non-bleeding feature allows you to paint light or white colors over dark when dry. Colors dry to a velvety finish showing no brush marks. By using a dry brush technique you can even achieve smoother and thinner layers. These colors employ the Munsell System to make color mixing extremely easy. Turner Design Gouache colors are constantly improved to be brilliant beyond comparison. Indeed much of Turner's fame comes from this line of color used by New York Textile designers, graphic designers and artists for over 50 years. Pure gum arabic binder makes Turner Design Gouache adaptable for use with all of your favorite watercolors. WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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