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Arturo Fine Stationery Folded Cards

For All Occasions and All Expressions!

Arturo cards either single or folded are made of 260 gram (apx 120lb) paper with an distinctive "Corona" felt finish. The body and surface of Arturo gives this paper a luxurious feel that is truly inspiring. Arturo is made of 100% high alpha cellulose fiber and is neutral pH. It is made on slow rotating mould paper making machines which is a highly prized attribute when you're working with ink, printing or other wet media. All cards feature four deckle edges. We offer 4 standard sizes in single and folded cards as well as squares.

Folded cards are available Medium Greeting folded Horizontal, Medium Greeting folded Vertical, Large Invitation and Squares. Squares are available in Softwhite and Bright White. All other cards are available in eight colors including: Bright White, Buttercream, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Softwhite, Stone Grey, Lavender and Celadon.

All items are sold in boxes of 100.


Folded Card
Small Reply
5.12 × 6.70"
Medium Greeting (Vertical)
6.68 × 9.05"
Medium Greeting
4.53 ×13.39"
Large Greeting (Vertical)
7.83 × 11.75"
Small Square
5.25 × 10.5"
Large Square
6.25 × 10.5"
Gate Fold
7.88 × 12.07" WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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