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Somerset Printmaking Paper

Somerset Velvet Paper - Mould made in England at the St. Cuthberts Mill all Somerset sheets are made of 100% cotton fibre and are sized internally and light external sizing. Thus they maintain an incredible strength making them a real favorite for drawing media, pastel painting, and even light wash techniques. Of course Somerset is the standard of excellence in printmaking the world over. Each sheet is neutral pH, chlorine-free and has 2 natural deckle edges and 2 tear edges.

Somerset Book Paper - This is a fantastic sheet for printing small editions and bookprinting but we sell most of it to artists seeking a 4 deckle edged drawing paper at a modest price. Book has a finely textured wove finish that really takes drawing media very well. It is mould made from 100% cotton and is both archival and neutral pH. A combination that's hard to beat. For reference a 115 gram sheet is similar to a 60lb drawing paper while the 175 gram is similar to an 80lb drawing paper. 22x30"sheets, 250 Gr/M2. Somerset Book in 19x26" Sheets and 115 Gr/M2 or 175 Gr/M2 weights. Minimum of 10 Sheets Asst. WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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