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Ampersand Aquabord Watercolor Panels

  • Absolutely Archival - Aquabord™ is an archival, acid-free textured clay surface that absorbs watercolors like a fine paper. Colors retain their purity and vibrancy in a way that even the finest of watercolor papers can never match!
  • Brilliant Color and Unmatched Techniques - Get rich, luminous color and have complete control over your watercolors. Endlessly glaze and lift to underlying layers of color or completely lift back to white without damaging the surface!
  • Watercolors & More - Uniquely absorbent Aquabord™ is perfect for watercolors and gouache. No stretching needed! Will not tear, shrink or buckle under heavy water applications. Also an ideal surface for casein, encaustic, acrylics and more!
  • Frame Without Glass - Watercolors can be sealed and displayed without glass keeping colors and textures true to life!
  • Artist and Environment Friendly - Ampersand Aquabord™ is made from sustainable forest products that ensure the protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water. Always formaldehyde-free and no harmful volatile organic compounds! WBX.MARS v6.2.5346.19993
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