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Global Arts Fluid Watercolor Sheets and Easy Blocks

These acid-free, 140lb., cold pressed, soft white watercolor paper blocks are a unique new take on traditional paper blocks! There is no need to wet and stretch the paper before painting, but since Easy-Blocks are only glued on 2 sides (instead of the traditional 4) it's also remarkably simple to remove your painting from the block once finished by simply slipping a knife or letter opener around the glued sides. Made by slow milling in small batches, Fluid Watercolor Paper is remarkably strong and has an even, low tooth cold press finish. Perfect not only for watercolors, but for colored pencil, pastel, acrylic washes, multimedia and more! Available in multiple sizes ideal for any subject; 15 sheets per block, bound on two edges.

Fluid Watercolor Paper is also available in convenient packs of six standard-sized 22x30" sheets! WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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