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Nujabi Handmade Watercolor Paper

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These handmade sheets are 100% cotton and acid-free, and are made by a method that exercises the utmost scrutiny and quality control. This papermaking process provides papers with a non-mechanical and natural white surface that blends to become a natural extension of your art. Being that this is a handmade sheet, you might find the surfaces to be a little different from some of the more commonly mass-produced watercolor papers. The medium rough is cold pressed for handmade paper, but will be rougher than a cold pressed mould-made sheet such as Arches.

The soft cold press is more in line with the texture of a cold pressed mould-made sheets, but the grain is softened so it may be easily drawn on. The mini and small sheets, 16" diameter circles and marine size sheets feature natural deckle edges and are made from the same 200 lb. soft cold press paper you will find in the larger sheets.
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