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The Pastel Roz Box -

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As a pastel artist you want a box that will take abuse and keep your pastels in good shape while you're traveling. Until now you had few good choices and the good ones were extremely expensive. The Roz Pastel Box is the best solution we've ever seen for carrying valuable pastels into the field. Unlike other boxes the high-impact, washable white plastic trays hold anything from pastel chalks to the handmade variety of pastels such as Unison. The Roz Box safely transports your pastels with unique architecture. The outside is made entirely of aluminum measuring 17-3/4" x 14-3/4" and being only 2-1/8" thick. Four stackable trays are layered with impact absorbing foam so pastels get from location to location in the best possible shape. All four trays feature a center grip so you can quickly and safely lift them out of the box and place them in front of you. When done they fit into the box in seconds. The four trays hold up to 138 pastel sticks. The Roz Box safely packs your pastels so you can travel with confidence. It is by far and away the best value for pastel artists and our number one choice when traveling away from your studio. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you may return for a full product refund. WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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