Wholesale Art Supplies & Better Art Supplies Too!

ASW WHOLESALE CLUB has started a new evolution for artists who teach. Teachers can now enjoy the same prices retail stores pay for their art supplies so they save money or get the right art materials to fit within a department or personal budget. More importantly, their students get the correct, better quality supplies.

ASW Wholesale Club Revolutionizes The Way Teacher's Teach. If you are lucky enough to have an art supply store (not a craft store with an overpriced art supply section) in your area, you will still want to shop at Art Supply Wholesale. For most teachers it is very frustrating when students come to class with supplies that are either wrong or simply are not up to the standards for artists. Students can't tell the difference, after all - they are the art students you are going to teach. High quality art materials provide much better results and help insure that they get the best experience. After all, Tiger Woods would not teach a golf class and recommend low grade clubs. He would recommend the best at the best prices and so should art teachers.

Color being the most important aspect needs to be high quality as anything less than that will cut down on the brilliance and luminosity of the finished piece.

Don't send your students to a craft store to buy art materials!

Craft stores sell art supplies at higher prices so students often think they can cut corners by buying the lowest priced supplies which are watered down with less pigment or just not good enough for a better experience...this also makes your job harder! ASW Wholesale Club for instance has LUKAS 1862 Master quality oil colors, Matisse Master quality acrylics and Turner Master Quality Watercolors. These are world class colors that have won awards throughout the globe and are relied upon by tens of thousands of professional and serious artists. You can buy these colors at wholesale prices and insure you teach with only the best and your students use only the best. For instance, LUKAS 1862 oil color Alizarin Crimson in a 37ml tube is only $5.48 and it has a high concentration of pigment and beautiful working qualities. This is a real bargain when compared to the number one brand of artists' oil colors selling for $16.49 at craft chains and LUKAS performs like a true professional paint should. Here is the best part… you can sell it for about $8 which is only slightly more than stores sell those low end quality student colors. Better paint, better experience and better results!

Providing your students with excellent products at great pricing is just part of the reason why you should buy better quality art materials. Your students look up to you and it is important that all students are using what you use. What happens when a student or your class runs out of supplies during class? This can be frustrating. But with supplies on hand, you will have it available when they need it. You can also open their world to new colors and brushes when they are ready for it which is always after the initial class list is created.

ASW Wholesale Club makes it easy for you. You can set up entire class list packs with your ASW Wholesale account specialist so you can order complete kits and have them ready for new students. Pretty much anything is possible and easy with the ASW Wholesale team working with you.

All of us at ASW Wholesale Club look forward to helping you serve your students better and dear we say, make some extra money as well!

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