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David Sorg Signature Easel
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David Sorg Signature Easel
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As the saying goes “Necessity is the mother of invention.” David Sorg had searched for an easel that would not only make painting more enjoyable but also almost disappear; being a true extension of the painting rather than a support for it. After looking at all the other easels David created this incredible easel.  

It Appears as If Your Canvas is Floating!
The external counterbalance mechanism allows your canvas to be held securely in place while allowing effortless vertical height adjustments making it appear as if your canvas is floating in air as you paint! Regardless of weight the canvas can be moved up or down with a fingertip. This is such a wonderful feature you’ll wonder how you lived without it before. With more than 40" of nearly effortless vertical travel, your painting will always be exactly where you want it.  

No More Stooping or Reaching!
The Sorg Signature Easel has a paint tray, a lower canvas support tray and an upper canvas support tray. Once you have placed your canvas onto the easel, you won’t have to touch another knob, crank handle, pin or ratchet. The three trays and your canvas all move up and down as a unit. No more stooping low or reaching high to move your canvas about. Even with the tallest canvas you can always work at whatever is your most comfortable level.  Sit or stand and adjust your canvas height in seconds.

Smooth Height Transitions
Most other easels require you to stop what you’re doing, break your concentration and separately move the bottom canvas tray and sometimes both the top and bottom tray. Adding insult to injury, they also jam or stick, have to be jiggled, or come slamming down if you forget to hold on to the right part of the thing. Not fun and certainly a distraction. With the Sorg easel you can smoothly make any transition in height, effortlessly without missing a creative thought.

A Nearly Ideal Painting Environment
Now that your painting could be instantly adjusted, the second step for David was to make a nearly ideal painting environment so he would never miss a beat. The easel tray keeps close at hand; paint tubes, pastels, charcoal, pencils, brushes, photos, beverages and whatever else you need to get your hands on. The bottom of the tray is melamine, so it’s easy to keep clean. It contains two stainless steel canisters that you can use for solvents or other liquids. There is a removable brush-washing screen in the bottom of one, as well as a lid to prevent your brush cleaning liquid from evaporating between painting sessions. These canisters are always in the same spot, right where you need them. After a while you will be able to wash or rinse your brushes without even looking. They’ll never tip over, yet are easy to remove. The tray also has pencil grooves across the top and bottom which is a very handy feature. Underneath the easel is a paper towel holder. Again it’s right in front of you so you need not go searching for a clean paper towel to grab.

Special Brush Rests are Fantastic
They slide out from the sides of the paint tray. Each holds eight brushes (or pastels) that you’re using the most. This eliminates the need to perch, balance, hold or park brushes temporarily. No more brushes rolling off onto the floor or into the palette where your paints are. These brush rests really make life easier for you. 

A Near Perfect Way to Hold Canvases
Since canvases come in different depths holding them without slipping was a must. In addition he wanted to be able to hold the canvas in such a way so he can paint edge to edge without having to touch the paint trays. So each tray has no edge or lip and secures canvases in a unique way. The bottom of each tray has a special grit coating that grips the canvas securely and safely allowing your canvas to be held in such a way that the front is exposed for edge to edge painting. Each canvas tray is 2½” wide making it perfect for virtually any canvas. These canvas trays glide smoothly up and down the center mast with no binding and tighten quickly and securely with ergonomically friendly knobs. The best you’ll find anywhere.

Your Sorg Signature Easel Comes Complete . . .
with two brush holders, two stainless steel canisters, one canister lid, a brush-washer screen, a paper towel holder, four 3” diameter casters (two locking) and a 30 lb set of counterweights. The weights are used to counterbalance the movable portion of the easel. The weights are barbell-type, and are readily (and inexpensively) available from any sporting goods store if you should need additional weight for larger or heavier canvases.
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