Winsor and Newton Oil and Acrylic Brushes

Winsor & Newton, one of the most respected names in art materials, manufactures a wide range of paint brushes in many styles for fine arts. As with all Winsor & Newton products, these brushes exhibit none but the finest in materials and craftsmanship!

  • Artisan Brushes - Made for use with Artisan Water Mixable Oil Color. Made of high quality synthetic fibres which are designed to maintain their spring and shape when in prolonged contact with water.
  • Artists' Oil Brushes - Made of the world's finest Chungking bristle, hand-dressed for perfect flags and a naturally interlocked head.
  • Eclipse Brushes - Made with legendary perfectly dressed, silky smooth black sable hair. This hair shows very few brush strokes, has a firm feel to move paint easily, and is resilient and responsive.
  • Galeria Brushes - Formerly known as University Gold brushes, Galeria brushes are an advanced blend of high quality maroon synthetic bristle hair. This special bristle is made to be more durable and stiffer than conventional hog hair, and is perfect for acrylics!
  • Lexington Brushes - Utilizing a unique blending technology, both interlocking white hog hair bristle and selected white synthetic filament are combined into one brush.
  • Monarch Brushes - This remarkable synthetic hair brush mimics the look and feel of Mongoose hair. It is stiffer than sable, but softer than bristle.
  • Sceptre II Brushes - This brush combines red sable hair with golden synthetic fiber. All brushes have good durability, excellent spring and lots of color holding capacity.
  • Winton Brushes - These brushes feature pure Chinese bristle hair with a natural inward curve for controlled strokes and resiliency.
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