Sterling Edwards Watercolor Brushes

Blending and Glazing Brushes
  • Perfect for "wet-in-wet" paper
  • Great for blending into rough watercolor paper
  • Makes glazing simpler with less touch-up!
  • With special handle and non-staining ferrules.

"These brushes reflect a lifetime of tinkering to find the best brush money can buy for easier blending and glazes and wet into wet washes. Most wash brushes hold lots of color but I wanted one that I could use on wet paper. The bristle hair holds a lot of paint but little water so you can lay larger and bolder shapes into the wet paper. Cold Pressed and Rough surfaces are truly lovely to work on but when I need to blend I really need a brush that will work its way into the tooth of the paper. The stiffer bristles do this better than softer hairs. You'll find them to be excellent for loosing edges and blending. I have also found that to much water impacts my ability to control color when I am glazing.

With softer natural hair you simply get too much color in the hair or too much color that can disturb the layer below. These brushes will soon be your favorite glazing brush because they hold just enough water to allow large one or two stroke glazing without delivering too much water and color. The flat edge and larger sizes of these brushes allow you to create large and sharp chiseled shapes. You may have noticed from the picture that the handle looks rather strange. I assure you it was not a mistake.

The handle is custom designed to allow you to hold it for more natural and easy motion. You'll also want to note that we went state-of-the-art on these brushes for long life. Each with stainless steel plated ferrules that won't rust that are attached to high quality blue resin handles that will never chip or crack. Try one today and for any reason if you don't love the brush give it back to your art supply dealer. They'll be glad to refund your full purchased price. "

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