Ampersand Value Series Artist Panels - Unprimed Basswood

The newest addition to artist favorite Ampersand's Value Series line! The new Unprimed Basswood Panel is among the most versatile and affordable painting substrates available. Made from premium basswood plywood — which outperforms standard birch plywood — the surface of these painting panels is carefully sanded perfectly smooth, with no seams, knots or raised fibers to detract from your artwork. Mounted to sturdy pine wood cradles in either 7/8" or 1-1/2" depths, these panels are easy to frame, or simply paint or finish the sides and hang as-is. Just seal and prime the panels however you choose: with acrylic gesso, oil ground, absorbent or pastel ground, mount paper or canvas onto them — the possibilities are endless! The super-smooth basswood surface is perfect for highly detailed art, but the stability and durability of the panel also makes them ideal for impasto, mixed media and found object art. And of course, Ampersand's commitment to quality ensures these panels will stand the test of time!

  • Premium basswood plywood surface
  • 7/8" or 1-1/2" deep solid wood cradles
  • Super smooth; no excessive grain
  • Durable, stable & long-lasting
  • Prime with gesso, oil ground & more
  • Perfect for artwork in virtually any media
  • An ultra-smooth surface ideal for detail work, yet sturdy enough to withstand thick layers
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