Odessa Professional Russian-Style Stretched Linen Canvas

These new lines of traditional, Eastern-European stretched linen canvases are something completely new in the world of Western art! Imported from the Ukraine, Odessa Professional Linen Canvas comes in three distinct, unique weaves — each available in either acrylic or oil primed surfaces. Using the highest quality, long-grain flax fibers, these professional grade linens are not pumiced: their natural, nubby texture and the enhanced weave this allows is precisely their advantage. The unprimed linen canvas is stretched and back-stapled onto sturdy, solid pine stretcher bars, then taped off and primed with either acrylic or oil based primer. As the primer dries, it stretches the canvas even further, making for an amazing, drum-tight surface that will not sag or droop.

Available in slightly textured Medium Extra Fine weave, coarser Medium Heavy Body weave, and super thick Large Extra Bold weave, each Odessa canvas is unique and different: like a fingerprint distinguishes a person, the individual and differing weaves of Odessa canvas will distinguish your art! Perfect for expressive, tactile paintings from landscapes to abstracts, in oils, acrylics, and alkyds, these heavy duty, top quality linen canvases can stand up to the thickest paint applications and most vigorous strokes. Bring these traditional Eastern qualities to your own art with Odessa Professional Russian-Style Stretched Linen Canvas!

Non uniform, natural finish in fine, medium and bold textures!

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