Yes! All-Media Stretched Cotton Canvas

A superb portrait smooth canvas that accepts every wet media!

Watercolors, Oil Colors, Acrylics, Caseins, Permanent Markers, Shellac and Acrylic Based Inks, Airbrush Colors, Egg Tempera, Alkyds and More! If It's Wet It Goes On Yes!

  • The Portrait Cotton - Portrait artists and super realistic technique artists craved for a surface that was plate smooth but also affordable. Yes, is plate smooth using only the finest close weaved cotton and primed three times to a super smooth surface. So smooth you can easily draw on it. But here's the twist you can also paint on it with any media! The priming is the key. Imagine a canvas so versatile that it will accept any paint, ink or marker you have in your studio. Imagine the possibilities.
  • The Watercolor Surface - Many watercolorists draw with permanent marker as they create their watercolors. With this surface you can draw right into your watercolor without feathering or smudging or you can paint on top of the drawing. A unique twist to this canvas is that you can draw with permanent marker and use the lines to form a resist for your watercolors. This is very similar to resists used for silk painting. It is quite amazing and interesting. For traditional watercolor painting the color sits right up on the surface and allows for easy lifting, scratching into the paint film, reworking the painted surface and even layering for unique effects. Use with opaque or transparent colors. This canvas works best with tube watercolor and provides rich, vibrant expressions. Although this should not be your only surface for watercolors it certainly should be one of them due to its exclusive working characteristics and unlike other watercolor canvas this once yields the most vivid results.
  • Acrylics and Watercolors - We don't know where art will lead you but you may want to start off playing with watercolors and gouache reworking or even removing areas then fine tuning and finally finishing off the top layers with permanent acrylics. Of course you don't need to use watercolors with your acrylics but you can if you want. You'll find this surface to be fantastic with virtually any acrylic based paint from heavy body to acrylic based inks to airbrush colors.


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