Derivan Liquid Pencil

A Revolutionary New Way
To Create Dynamic Sketches!

  • 6 Graphite Based Shades
  • A Complete Range Of Undertones
  • Two Different Traditional Graphite (Neutral) Tones
  • In Permanent and Rewettable Formulations
  • May Be Used With Brush, Pen Nib and Other Tools
  • Create Distinctive Graphite Sketches With Incredible Depth
  • Cover Huge Areas Quickly and Easily
  • Allows For Massive Compositions

Permanent Liquid Pencil May Be "Burnished" Without Smudging Imagine sketching in a pure fluid and dramatic manner. Imagine building up your images by variegating layer over layer to obtain real depth. With a creamy consistency, Liquid Pencil is different then standard acrylics allowing it to act similar to graphite lead rather than as a paint. You can start building up your images with a wide range of undertones including: Yellow, Red, Blue or Sepia and then add definition with either Grey 3 or Grey 9. The six gradations give you a wide range of techniques allowing you to quickly sketch in with Yellow and then define gradually or all at once with the darker shades.

Permanent Liquid Pencil is similar to a standard acrylic and may be thinned with Matisse Acrylic Painting Medium. Permanent Liquid Pencil is the perfect paint for creating a monotone sketch that may be produced on a wide range of media including sized paper such as Raffine Sketch Paper, standard canvas, Yes! Canvas, Claybord and Panelli A Gesso panels. As stated previously, it may be burnished to a rich sheen or varnished over when done. It is also excellent for the most fluid and free flowing sketching you have ever done!

Rewettable Liquid Pencil allows you to remove areas using water similar to watercolor techniques where you will lift color. When dry, you can remove colors as well by simply erasing. Use on Yes! Canvas or Ampersand Claybord Textured (Aquabord) for easy reworking. When finished, you can apply an acrylic spray to make permanent. All colors are highly lightfast and non-toxic. As the newest Media on the market, it has received rave reviews and is by far the most interesting new artist material to use. Give it a try to explore whole new realms that never before existed.

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