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KUM Pencil Sharpeners

KUM Pencil Sharpeners are the top of the line when it comes to getting the sharpest pencil points! Made in Germany since 1919, KUM pencil sharpeners boast a unique, innovative blade technology designed to stay sharper longer, sharpen pencils impeccably, and reduce the chance of pencil tips breaking during sharpening. KUM sharpener blades are made of high-carbon tempered steel, and feature their Dynamic Torsion Action technology: the blades are slightly curved and act like a spring, absorbing the tension that builds up during sharpening and allowing the pencil to turn more easily.

KUM's unique blades aren't the only benefit to their sharpeners: the pencil sharpener bodies are designed for durability as well. KUM uses only new virgin plastic — which does not crack as easily as re-used plastic — or sturdy metals such as magnesium and brass for the blade-mount bases of their pencil sharpeners. Available in a wide range of shapes, styles, and sharpening purposes, from left-handed models to canisters, colored pencil sharpeners to innovative 2-step sharpeners, there is the perfect KUM pencil sharpener for any artist — and any pencil! WBX.MARS v6.2.5763.33921
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