Chromalux Full-Spectrum Bulbs

Ordinary light bulbs that most of us use cast a greenish-yellow hue that distorts colors as well as textures, and stress our eyes. Chromalux Full Spectrum "Color Correct" Bulbs are made in France to the highest standards using pure Neodymium glass that filters out the excessive yellow part of the spectrum, and purifying all colors. Balanced light is critical to the creation and presentation of objects of art. Years of research in Finland resulted in the design of this unique light source which closely mimics natural light, producing a more balanced and pure white light. Under Chromalux, matching and mixing as well as viewing colors becomes an easy task.

Chromalux Color Correct Bulbs specifications:
  • Chromed brass socket to prevent corrosion
  • Long life, averaging 4000 to 5000 hours
  • Interior or exterior frosting depending on type

Chromalux Color Correct Bulbs are available in three different styles and varying wattage, and can retrofit existing fixtures. Choose from Chromalux Standard Bulbs, Chromalux Reflector Bulbs (with real silver built in reflector to increase efficiency), and Chromalux #-Way Bulbs (providing 3 levels of light intensity at 50, 100 and 150 watts). Install Chromalux full spectrum natural lighting in your studio and witness the amazing difference!
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